Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Turn Your Eyes Westwards, and Beware of Monsters

You're probably wondering why on earth, despite promising you all stories and tales, there have so far been none. Instead, you've been inundated with lore and histories. Fear not, those of you who wish to see stories! for, now that this blog has been active for almost two weeks, I thought I'd take a moment just to set in stone a few things that are going to be happening here over the next few weeks.

First and most importantly, either at the end of this week  or the start of next week I will be releasing the first short story. Entitled Watcher of the West, this short(ish) story follows a young Hugh, the previously detailed son of a noble, tarnished with a bastard's name due to complicated circumstances surrounding his birth. It will be released in three or four parts over the week, culminating in an exciting finale.

For those who are more interested in the lore, or who simply wish to read something else alongside Watcher of the West, immediately after this post I will be releasing Commander Ludwig Nicstaed's The Creatures and Monsters of Esdaria: A Bestiary Written in Blood. This will provide information on some - but not all - of the creatures that inhabit Esdaria, and will be released in six parts alongside and in-between the parts of Watcher of the West.

So, onwards and upwards!

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