Sunday, 21 August 2016

From the Depths of Darkness

I return!

So, in my previous entry, I had said something about the next post being made on July 31st. Well, that quite obviously didn't happen. In fact, it quite spectacularly did not happen, as it is now the 21th of August and I'm only just getting back into the swing of posting. 

'Where were you, you lying, salacious, dishonest cretin?' I hear you cry. Well, as I had mentioned in my previous post, I disappeared off to Norfolk on an archaeological course for a week. The digging was great, and the people were so wonderful that even the small finds paled in comparison to the wonderful company and fun that was had. When I was then invited to stay for an extra week, I was more than happy to accept. Thus, I spent another week face-down in one of a number of Anglo-Saxon ditches, scraping through dirt, grinning from ear to ear (and anyone from SHARP reading this: you're all amazing and I miss you all terribly).

I returned from the extra week of rolling in dirt and sifting through thousand-year-old animal bones, took a few days rest, then disappeared off to Bloodstock Festival (if you were there, did you try the black Kraken Rum ice cream?). Of course, this left little to no time whatsoever for writing and posting. To make up for it, I've spent the last couple of days finalising a few posts I had intended to have ready to go this weekend, as well as proof-reading another short(ish) story.

Now, back to Esdaria. For the next few weeks, the Halflings of the Syladras Mountains are going to be taking over this blog. I have a handful of Dwarf-based lore-posts ready to go, as well as another short(ish) story set within the cavernous halls of Khur-Karzana that will be released next. This will hopefully give me the time to prep some more posts, as well as to work on the ever-nearing-completion 'Story II'.

Without giving too much away, I'd like to delve a little into the inspiration behind the next short(ish) story - Stonesworn. Halflings are a great and oft-neglected group within the fantasy genre. Gnomes are a rare sight in many stories, and Dwarf-folk are commonly condemned by writers to only play a supportive role in a majority fantasy literature - something I myself am guilty of. However, whilst writing the next short(ish) story, I had a chance to fully develop some ideas surround the enigmatic and secretive Halfling-folk of Esdaria. Writing a story that focuses on their world was interesting and refreshing, allowing for the developments of new characters, new societies, politics, histories and relationships. The Halflings feel very different, very removed from the rest of Esdaria - and I think that may well be a good thing.

So, in short, there will be a few lore posts over the next week or so, and then the next short(ish) story: Stonesworn. As ever, I really can't wait to share it with you all! Furthermore, this page is now nearing 2,000 views, which amazes me. Over the last week or so, Watcher of the West, Blood and Gold, and in particular Of Fire and Shadow have exploded, gaining dozens of fresh new views. To the new readers (or re-readers) - thank you kindly for your time!

Until next Sunday though, I'm signing off. See you in a week!


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